The Year of the Monkey

The Monkey is a lively entertainer, an intelligent and charming character with razor-sharp wits and a penchant for trickery.  A risk taker with unerring intuitions, this animal craves adventure and discovery.  Expect fortune to strike at bizarre times.  Risk, progress, change and surprise will all feature prominently in the Monkey Year and opportunity will abound.

Under the influence of Fire and Metal in 2016, this Monkey Year will be a time to forge ahead.  Calculated risk-taking is encouraged.  The energetic Fire element will dominate and, associated with optimism and confidence, should continue to drive the economy and capital markets.  Fire industries (utilities, technology, telecom and internet) will fare well.  Water (transport, tourism and leisure) and Metal (banking and autos) industries will both strengthen after a few not-so-strong years.

Merging innovation and a pioneering spirit with decisive action, Monkey years give birth to leaders and bring change in science, technology, economy and politics.  Innovations in previous Monkey years included the launch of the Space Age (1956), Facebook and Gmail (2004).  Monkey year babies have included Leonardo da Vinci (1452), founder of Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi and Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon (both 1944), as well as such electric entertainers as Tom Hanks (1956), Celine Dion (1968) and Yao Ming (1980).

Monkey years are never quiet, always a mercurial concoction of excitement, creation and chaos.  This year should be a time to shake things up and re-set direction for a stronger future.   Do your homework, have faith in your vision and maintain a sense of humour.  Avoiding emotional decisions and reading the fine print should get you the peanuts, leaving the wily Monkey with the shells!



The observations set forth above represent the distilled thoughts of a number of Chinese feng shui commentators, and do not constitute investment criteria for the professionals at Excelsior Capital Asia!