Ganzhou Dingsheng Water Technological Co., Ltd.

Ganzhou Dingsheng Water Technological Co., Ltd. (the "Company") was established in 1996 with a core business in manufacturing and distribution of bottled water under its own brand in the Jiangxi and Guangdong provinces of China. The Company also distributes other water-related products such as mineral cups and water dispensers. The Company is headquartered in Ganzhou, Jiangxi.

In 2005, the Company acquired a 50-year exclusive right to a Class I natural spring water source in Jiangxi. Since then, the Company has significantly expanded the bottled water business and became the second largest bottled water manufacturer in the province. In April 2010, the Company became the sole supplier of bottled water to all Sinopec petrol stations in Jiangxi and in June 2010, the Company expanded its distribution network to major cities in Guangdong province.