The Year of the Ox

For the second successive zodiac cycle, the Ox will be tasked to clean up the global mess left by the Rat, from financial crisis to health pandemic.  Fortunately, the Ox is renowned for diligent and persistent hard work, and is already grabbing the bull by the horns, navigating through lock-downs, travel bans, vaccine impediments and the like.  A powerful animal, the Ox has always provided stoic and disciplined service to mankind, demonstrating honesty and loyalty.  Reviving tradition and foundation, this will be a year to rehab, to sow seeds and to commit to steady business building.

This year's Ox will be Metal, with a very strong Earth influence representing both the yin and the animal's connection with the soil.  Earth, the promoter of harmony and the mother-bearer of Metal, should nurture an environment compatible with the Ox's deliberate and patient pace. Expect property and construction to charge like bulls to the red rag, and agriculture to surge and innovate.  Metal industries should continue to shine, including commodities, banking and automobiles, and the re-emerging Water element should bode well for healthcare, transportation, tourism and leisure.

While other zodiac animals might scoff at the Ox's pretence of command, the qualities of steady work, constant progress and consistent conviction have spawned a litany of Ox-born leaders, for better or for worse:  King Sejong the Great (1397), developer of the Korean language, along with two Kings of the Chosun Dynasty; two Kings of the Le Dynasty in Vietnam, including Le Loi, conqueror of the Ming army; four Kings of England and one notable Princess (1961); two French Kings and one infamous Russian Empress (1729); a famous French conqueror (1769), a notorious fascist German dictator (1889); Margaret Thatcher (1925), Presidents Obama (1961) and Ford (1913), Malaysia's longest-serving Prime Minister (1925), the target of Desert Storm (1937) and the list goes on.

Does history make the person, or does the person make history?  This time in history may be ripe for putting the Ox before the cart.  Success will require an Ox's stubbornness to endure the volatility and continue to advance in the face of unexpected challenges and rapidly changing environments. The persistence to forge ahead with a firm hand will be the key to success this year.

The Ox is not the partying type, and Metal and Water are associated with anxiety and worry.   Enjoy when you can, but it will not be easy to transform a cow pie into a cash cow.  Work ethic, perseverance and restoration - by the start of the 2022 Tiger year, this cow could be jumping, helping us again to be over the moon.


The observations set forth above represent the distilled thoughts of a number of Chinese feng shui commentators, and do not constitute investment criteria for the professionals at Excelsior Capital Asia!